Google Search Queries to Find Ideal Guest Posting Sites


Google Search Queries

Google, the world's leading search engine, is a powerful tool for discovering guest posting opportunities. With the right search queries, you can unlock a treasure trove of websites that are actively seeking quality content. In this article, we will delve into effective Google search queries that can help you find the perfect guest posting sites for your niche.

"Write for Us" + [Your Niche]

This query is a goldmine for finding websites actively looking for guest contributors. By combining "Write for Us" with your specific niche keywords, you narrow down the results to sites explicitly inviting guest posts in your area of expertise. For example, if you're in the fitness niche, you can search for "Write for Us" + "fitness" to discover fitness-related websites seeking guest writers.

"Guest Post" + [Your Niche]

Similar to the first query, this search string targets websites open to guest contributions. By appending "Guest Post" with your niche keywords, you can unearth blogs and platforms where you can submit your content. For instance, if you're passionate about travel, you can search for "Guest Post" + "travel" to find travel blogs welcoming guest authors.

"Contribute" + [Your Niche]

This query focuses on websites that are open to contributions from guest writers. By using "Contribute" along with your niche keywords, you signal to Google that you're looking for platforms that welcome external content. If you're in the technology niche, a search for "Contribute" + "technology" can lead you to tech-related blogs seeking guest authors.

"Submit a Guest Post" + [Your Niche]

This search string is straightforward and effective. Many websites have dedicated pages for guest contributors where they outline their guidelines and submission process. By using "Submit a Guest Post" along with your niche keywords, you can easily find these pages. For instance, "Submit a Guest Post" + "food" can lead you to food blogs with guest posting opportunities. Here you get tips for finding niche-based sites.

[Your Niche] + "Blogs that Accept Guest Posts"

This query provides a list of blogs in your niche that actively welcome guest contributions. It's a versatile search string that can yield a range of potential guest posting sites. For example, if you're in the fashion niche, searching for "fashion blogs that accept guest posts" can lead you to fashion-related websites looking for guest authors.

[Your Niche] + "Write for Us" + "Guidelines"

This query is particularly useful for finding websites that have clear and detailed guidelines for guest contributors. By combining your niche keywords with "Write for Us" and "Guidelines," you're likely to discover platforms that provide comprehensive instructions for submitting guest posts. For instance, "fitness Write for Us Guidelines" can lead you to fitness blogs with clear submission guidelines.


Mastering Google search queries is an invaluable skill for any content marketer or guest blogger looking to find niche-specific guest posting opportunities. By using targeted search strings, such as "Write for Us" + [Your Niche] or "[Your Niche] + "Blogs that Accept Guest Posts," you can efficiently uncover websites that align with your expertise and interests. Remember to review the guidelines of each site and tailor your pitches to offer unique, valuable content. With the right approach, Google can be your most powerful ally in the quest for ideal guest posting sites.