Google Product Review Update in Detail 2022


google product review update

“When a system grows too large and impacts millions of people, it must start acting like a government. Google is no exception,”

The last few updates, including the July 2022 Product Review Update, and August 2022 Helpful Content Update, have demonstrated the regulatory theme of Google updates. The most recent core update seems to be an extension of the changes that began with the May 2022 Core Update.

The algorithm which started from recognising content based on simple search keywords has evolved towards a singular objective – matching available content to the user intent. The Helpful Content update was expected to do the same.

However, with search engines being what they are, it will take some time for them to catch up and beat the usual culprits. Also, these recent updates mean that more serious brands can get more attention from search engines.

So now, from demoting low-value content the algorithm will gradually start to push the more valuable content up. As a user, this simply means you may come across different search results for the same or similar queries.

Look at this as the “Looking for Something New” option on YouTube. So, as a user of the search engine, you stand to gain in the variety and quality of search results. As a marketer brand or content producer, you will need to focus more on your audience than on the search engine.

Here’s what we believe:

– Diversifying content to address more user queries

Try addressing queries starting with what, where and how to buy, and start dwelling on how to use. Customers who invest time in learning the usage of products are 60% more inclined to purchase or repurchase your product.

– Creating content with clear user intent, i.e., awareness, interest or desire

Content consumption has become granular, and social media is the best example. The days of long detailed blogs are now hidden behind a sizable chunk of grain-sized content with clear intent. While the long article may address multiple queries, multiple bit-sized contents are needed to redirect the users at different funnel levels to it.

– Sticking to your niche of the audience queries

Defining your green ocean within the red ocean is how brands can create a monopoly. In today’s world, you don’t have to necessarily offer everything. Instead, focusing on just about one sizeable customer segment is enough. Address the queries of this niche to have a loyal bunch of consumers engaged with you consistently.

– Having deeper research with each content piece

Content research never fails to give results. While as a brand your products or services must be unique, your content has to carry forth that uniqueness. Coupled with the niche, well-researched content can bring that uniqueness, build trust and thought leadership for the brand.

– And finally, the most important, bringing in an ‘X’ factor to your publications

‘X’ factor in content is something that not only adds value to your consumers but is also unique. For example, emotionally appealing content, funny, advisory, latest update, etc. Bringing in the ‘X’ factor may require some level of expertise for the content creator.

Adding value to your users’ lives is what makes your users happy and it would seem that’s what the search engine giant will be looking for.

The latest core update for September 2022, seem to be furthering the theme. The update is expected to complete its rollout within the next two weeks. It is expected to further police and demote the spam searches which often make it to the first page of the SERP.

Fortunately enough, we have been recommending to our clients content and SEO strategies focused on consumer intent. Starting from the SEO and keyword research, the idea is to provide the visitor with direct and adequate information and then help them reach the next level.

Our audience funnel approach to content creation for the brand’s online users has been effective in improving traffic at all levels. The recent update has cemented our belief in the consumer-centric approach we have been following.