Recent SEO Update 2018 - Website Speed is Matter for Google Ranking

Gone are the days when just any website will do for the online business to get success. With people having access to faster internet services and high speed machines and gadgets, it has equally become important for the organizations to come up with a website that opens pretty fast! This particular aspect is considered by the leading SEO experts to be very much crucial, something that cannot be neglected or avoided.

Why website speeding is necessary?

Using the latest advanced technological gadgets and devices, it is quite natural for the users to expect immediate results. They are no longer interested to wait for a long time, for the website page to open up. In case, the pages take too much time to respond, then the user is likely to get impatient and move elsewhere. This something that no entrepreneur would like to happen as the potential visitor will become dissatisfied and move onto the competitor site and never come back or recommend the site to anyone else. This will be definitely sure loss for any business and hence, great care has to be taken to ensure website speed.

It was something that was ignored previously by the search engine ranking, as the sites became slow when crawler moved on them for indexing purpose. But now great importance is given to site speed, especially with Google recognizing speed as the key aspect for measuring and analysing site ranking. Users will now be assisted by Google by including page speed to determine the page results. It effectively means, besides affecting extra signal ‘page speed’, it also affects users’ ability to locate the site on Google.

Some important aspects to know about Google

More than 200 signals are taken into consideration by Google while determining search rankings. It is for this reason; SEO work is regarded to be quite complicated. Google has also launched new signal partner, ‘Site Speed’, which is basically stated to be site loading time. Probably, 90% of the page could be fast. However, one item on the page might take longer time than expected, which is sure to hurt the overall search results.

Some tools to use for checking on this signal

The talented seo services in Nottingham are sure to make use of some crucial tools to check site speed and to ensure the site opens up fast as desired to live up to the visitor’s expectations.
  • WebPagetest: It displays load performance as well as optimization checklist.
  • YSlow: It is a free tool offered by Yahoo! for determining site speed.
  • Page Speed: Firebug/Firefox add-on to help evaluate webpage performance and to provide further suggestions for improvement.
  • Google Webmaster Tools; Labs>Site Performance: There is present inbuilt website speed checker in Google webmasters tool.
Having faster loading sites is sure to improve overall site ranking and user experience. This also helps to reduce operational costs. Presently, the signal is stated to affect just about 1% of all search queries. But in the near future, it is likely impact significantly while ranking sites.