Mini update

I haven't updated lately because life has been crazy but I had a bit of good news this week.

I won a free place on a 9 week online writing course [x]. I had to submit a first line of a story I wanted to write. The rules allowed multiple entries, so I put in 4. Here they are (feeling very happy right now to have this group of awesome writers/lovely kind people to share this with):

1. Despite being—in the words of one former employer—really qualified, the mermaid struggled to find a position that suited her.

2. The January rain seeped into the bones of her aching feet and the bus smelled of the common cold.

3. Kneeling to put a match to the kindling, she found that the old bastard had spit in the fire again.

4. In the town clinging to the hill above the flood plain, the rats were legendary.

"Had spit" is a slightly unusual construction, I'm aware. It's on purpose but clearly I don't feel confident about it, or I wouldn't be mentioning it :D. But hey, I WON. ME! ME! ME! ME!

This a Big Deal for me after the setbacks of the last few years. I'm enjoying my job at the library and finally in a place where I feel ready to take the leap of faith into writing some original fiction again.

P.S. Also the last one is cheesy as anything, but RAH, I DON'T CARE!