BAD Neighborhood

If your site a perfectly optimize with links, content and right keyword density but they do not rank in search engines? Mostly such such failure is called as over optimization and bad neighborhood.

You did lots for work for your site and keywords. but due to over optimization the site not ranked in google. because your site in sandbox. for this you choose different tactics:

1. Remove excessive stuffing
2. Remove bad neighbors
3. Make quality content for site(not to be copied)

A "bad neighborhood" are sites like link farms and low quality directories that are very spammy. A link from one of those sites to your web page can have a negative effect on your SEO instead of positive one. Link farms and all spammy tactics. Its best to go the right way and do white hat seo. If you find that a bad neighborhood site has a link pointing to site that is damaging your rankings - is there a way to block or not accept the link from the bad neighborhood site?